The Top 12 Solutions to Cut Poverty in the World

Solutions to Cut Poverty in the World 1

Poverty is not an individual’s problem. It is a global issue. Nearly half of the population lives on or near the poverty line. According to the global facts about poverty, one billion of the world’s 2.2 billion children are poor. Despite the fact that this issue is not as prevalent or evident in the United States, it is a problem that affects everyone. There are various solutions for poverty. For this, people and government should work together to fight against this issue. World forums should also take keen steps to achieve their goal of zero poverty. Let’s discuss these solutions.

Solutions for Poverty

Identifying problems correctly

One of the most fundamental issues with poverty is that we don’t effectively identify the micro and macro elements that influence it. Many people feel that local charities will fix the problem on its own. In reality, the only way to reduce poverty is that the local, state, and federal government should work together.

Solutions to Cut Poverty in the World

Provision of well-paying jobs

The federal government’s investments in job -creation strategies can solve poverty. Upgrading infrastructure, producing renewable energy sources, repairing abandoned homes, and other common-sense investments that create jobs are among these strategies.

Solutions to Cut Poverty in the World 3

Allocation of proper time and resources

Every year, roughly two million children die from illnesses that may be avoided, such as pneumonia. Without adequate planning, global poverty will remain intact. It entails devoting sufficient time, money, and volunteer work. Currently, the USA is spending only 1% (approx.) of its national budget on international aid. Indeed, global poverty will begin to decline if defined strategies and projects are developed to help other countries.

Solutions to Cut Poverty in the World

Paid sick leaves and casual leaves

Paid leave is a crucial anti-poverty strategy. In the USA, approximately four in ten private-sector workers and seven in ten low-wage workers do not have a single paid sick leave. This makes it impossible for them to take care of themselves or any other family member in case of emergency.

Solutions to Cut Poverty in the World 5

Increase daily wages

In addition to the above point, daily wages should be increased for the prosperity of poor people. No doubt, low daily wages ultimately lead to difficult living. Such issues are the leading factors in the rise of depression in society. Increases in the minimum wage in present positions could help companies in both rich and developing countries to end poverty.It has been proved that this approach decreases poverty in the United States (in states like Seattle and Washington).


Microfinancing helps to grow socio-economic status. It provides larger loans, better repayment rates for women. Furthermore, it provides education programs for loan payers’ children. Micro Financing also creates jobs. Better sanitation and access to clean water become easier as it improves health and welfare departments. This can teach other developing countries how to become more environmentally friendly.

Women’s Empowerment

Organizations should aim to decrease poverty by allowing women to take leadership roles. This improves social and economic issues. Without any doubt, women’s empowerment plays a crucial role in lessening poverty. 

Increasing Healthcare Facilities

Medical debts that have not been paid are the biggest cause of bankruptcy. Families would be able to spend the money they would normally spend on healthcare elsewhere if they had access to free or affordable healthcare.

Solutions to Cut Poverty 9

Increase trade

Urge countries to use commerce as a way to escape poverty. Trade is undeniably vital for development and prosperity. Among the world’s poorest countries, Indonesia, Botswana, and Brazil, have traded their way out of poverty.

Solutions to Cut Poverty 10

Empower people living in poverty

Empower needy people by incorporating their ideas into the establishment of policies and activities aimed at reducing and eliminating poverty. Their participation and ideas will ensure that programs are tailored to their specific needs.

Provision of technology and innovation

Make technology and innovation, such as internet access and efficient energy, more reachable. For surely, this can provide more opportunities.

Equal pay for men and women

Eliminating the wage difference between men and women would help women and their families escape half of the poverty they endure. This would also boost the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).


We are now ten years away from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.  It won’t be easy, but it won’t be impossible. Global poverty has proven to be a difficult and nasty cycle, but it is one that can be broken. These global poverty solutions may and should be used to initiate the process of ending poverty.

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