Mega USA Events In December 2022

USA events in December

2022 is full of musicsports, and space events. If you are living in the USA and want to enjoy the events in the coming month of December, then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to share with you the upcoming mega USA events in December 2022. So, stick around to get to know about the events.

Mega USA events in December 2022

1. World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is marked on December 1 every year. The day celebrates those people who have died from AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and HIV infection (human immunodeficiency virus). Additionally, it spreads the knowledge of the pandemic and the virus’s propagation and seeks to dispel people’s preconceptions about AIDS by instructing them on how to avoid and treat the illness.

How to celebrate it?

Wearing a red ribbon to raise awareness can help you support the cause and pay tribute to those who have passed away. You can also donate to a charity that serves persons with HIV or medical research organizations.

USA events in December

On this day, a lot of health facilities provide free HIV testing. To help eliminate the stigma associated with the virus, get tested, and encourage others to do the same.

Attend memorial services and candlelight vigils in memory of individuals who have died from AIDS and HIV. Attend lectures and health fairs, or read books published by HIV-positive people to educate yourself.

2. International Day of Persons With Disabilities

The United Nations observes December 3rd as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It promotes the rights of persons with disabilities and increases knowledge of the ways in which disabilities influence people economically, socially, and politically. Educating people about what it’s like to live with a disability, also attempts to ensure the wellbeing and dignity of those who are impaired.

How to celebrate it?

On this day, a lot of organizations host gatherings, conferences, lectures, and conversations in their local areas where persons with disabilities can attend and share their stories or demonstrate their skills.

USA events in December

You can examine how you treat persons with disabilities personally and consider how to be better and more inclusive. Try to learn more about disabilities if you know someone who has one so you can better comprehend what they deal with every day. Additionally, it is crucial that you instill in your children an understanding and sympathetic attitude toward those who are impaired. Additionally, you can give to a charity that supports those with disabilities.

3. Human Rights Day

The international United Nations holiday known as “Human Rights Day” is observed on December 10. This day is intended to raise awareness of human rights throughout the world and to inspire everyone to speak out and defend their rights, no matter where they are from. Additionally, it commemorates the date, December 10, 1948, on which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted.

How to celebrate it?

On Human Rights Day, a number of organizations organize events and demonstrations to raise awareness about the developments since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as to draw attention to the fact that some nations still do not recognize their citizens’ human rights. These occasions could include marches, talks, or exhibitions. Find out if there are any in your area, then take part to demonstrate your support and get knowledgeable about human rights concerns.

USA events in December

4. Christmas Day

In the US, Christmas Day is observed on December 25. Christmas Day in 2021 falls on a Saturday. Christmas is a religious, cultural, and commercial holiday when most Americans gather with their loved ones to share meals and exchange gifts. The majority of stores and companies are closed because it is a government holiday. On 26th December, Boxing day is celebrated.

How to celebrate it?

The well-known Christmas Day supper might change depending on the area and culture. Turkey, ham, goose, hog, jambalaya, and “seven fishes” salad are typical menu items. Mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce are examples of side dishes. Desserts including flan, fruit pies, biscuits, cakes, and Christmas pudding are served after all of this. Eggnog, cider, mulled wine, punch, and hot chocolate are some examples of traditional holiday beverages.

USA events in December

Ballet performances, classic movie marathons, and carol singing are all forms of entertainment. Nativity plays, pageants, concerts, musicals, and tree-lighting ceremonies are frequently held in various local towns. Nativity scenes with the infant Jesus, Mary, Joseph, animals, shepherds, and angels are used to decorate towns and churches.

5. New Year’s Eve

December 31st, New Year’s Eve, is a significant holiday in the USA. New Year’s Eve is not a federal holiday, but New Year’s Day is, therefore most companies will be open during holiday hours. However, it is a holiday in a few states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, and Kentucky.

To spend time together or to visit notable outside celebration locations, like New York, families and friends travel to welcome the new year. Because of this, there may be traffic jams and closed roads, so check ahead of time before traveling.

How to celebrate it?

New Year’s Eve is a big holiday in the USA on December 31. Although New Year’s Eve is not a federal holiday, New Year’s Day is, thus most businesses will be open on that day. A few states, like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Kentucky, however, observe it as a holiday.

USA events in December

Families and friends travel to ring in the new year to spend time together or to visit famous outside celebration destinations, like New York. Because of this, there can be obstructions in the road or closures, so check before you go.

Well, these are some of the mega USA events in December 2022. These days are celebrated every year with great zest and zeal. If you want to know more about global events, visit our website.

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