Facts About Mountains You Did Not Know

Facts About Mountains

Our world is full of beautiful places. It has mountains, deserts, lakes, forests, oceans, plateaus, and infinite natural wonders which we cannot count on. Most interestingly, the facts about these natural beauties surprise us. Do you know there is a mountain taller than Mount Everest? Do you know the second name of K2? Well, today, in this post we will be talking about a few interesting facts about mountains.

Facts about mountains

1. Oldest Mountain Ranges on Earth

The Makhonjwa Mountains, located in the Barberton Greenstone Belt on the eastern side of the Kaapvaal Craton in South Africa, are officially the world’s oldest mountain range at 3.5 billion years old. The “Genesis of Life” is a nickname for the Makhonjwa Mountains. The mountains’ terrain ranges from rocky slopes to lush pastures and densely forested valleys. The mountains cover around 80% of South Africa, with the remainder stretching into Swaziland. The highest ever recorded temperature for volcanic rocks was 1650 degrees Celsius as a result of this discovery, and the area provides evidence of the earliest documented meteorite strike.

Facts About Mountains

2. Mountains on Venus Have Snow on Them

Wait a second! This isn’t the kind of snow you’re picturing. The snow on Venus is actually bismuth sulphide and lead sulphide condensate! This is because of the extremely hot temperature, which can reach 480 degrees C (894 degrees F). It is yet unknown whether Venus receives real snow. Sulfuric acid rains have been recorded by scientists on various occasions in the past.

Facts About Mountains

3. Longest Mountain Range

The mid-ocean ridge is the world’s longest mountain range. It is truly a global monument, stretching 40,389 miles around the globe. Approximately 90% of the mid-ocean ridge system is submerged. The Earth’s tectonic plates’ movement created it.

Facts About Mountains

4. Longest mountain ranges on land

The Andean Mountains are the world’s longest mountain ranges (Length: 4,350 miles). The Andes, also known as the Andes, stretch over 4,300 miles across southern Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Venezuela before ending in Venezuela. Many active volcanoes are found in this range, notably Ojos del Salado on the Argentina-Chile border.

Facts About Mountains

5. K-2 Is Also Known as the Savage Mountain

K-2 is located on the China-Pakistan border. It is the world’s second-highest peak. It was given the name “the Savage Mountain” after an American adventurer called George Bell, who climbed it in 1953 and claimed, “It’s a savage mountain that tries to kill you.” K-2 is the most dangerous of all the world’s highest mountains.

Facts About Mountains

6. New Zealand Features the World’s Longest Mountain Name

The name holds the Guinness World Record and consists of 85 characters.  The name of this mountain is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu. When translated into English, the word means “the place where Tmatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climbed, and swallowed mountains, known as – land eater – played his nose flute to his loved one”.

Facts About Mountains

7. The Tallest Mountain in the Solar System is on Mars

The name “Olympus Mons” was given to this mountain when it was discovered in 1971. It stands at a height of 15.5 kilometers. Everest is nearly 5.5 miles tall in comparison. The massive mountain is also known as the solar system’s largest volcano.

Facts About Mountains

8. 12% of the World’s People Live in the Mountains

People, the same as plants and animals, have adapted successfully to life in the highlands. Mountains provide residents with clean air and natural splendor. One remarkable feature of these people is that those who live in the highlands live longer.

Facts About Mountains

These are some incredible facts about mountains. These natural structures are larger than life and some of the most spectacular structures on the planet! I hope you like our articles. For more global facts, visit our website.

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