20 Facts About Technology You Never Know

20 Facts About Technology You Never Know

Did you know that Samsung is older than Apple? Do you know the actual meaning of robo or how much data is a petabyte? Find the answers to these tech questions here. In this post, we will tell you the facts about technology that will surprise you.  So without further ado, here are the top 20 surprising technology facts that you probably did not know.

Interesting facts about technology

Petabyte data

A petabyte of data is enormous. We all know that a gigabyte equals 1024 megabytes, but did you realize that a petabyte equals 1024 terabytes? Wow! A one-petabyte hard drive, for example, could store 13.3 years of high-definition television video. A 50-petabyte hard drive could store all of humanity’s written works in all languages since the dawn of recorded history.

Petabyte data

In past years, registering a domain name was free

Until 1995, when people had no idea how big the internet would become, registering a domain name was free. When a fee was first implemented, it was extremely high. Prices for two years of registration were typically $100.

Previously, megabytes weighed hundreds of pounds.

Five megabytes of data, in particular, weighed one ton. The first computer featured something resembling a hard drive in 1956. The hard drive cabinet, which weighed over 2200 pounds and could carry five megabytes of data, was a tremendous advance in storage capacities at the time.

Previously, megabytes weighed hundreds of pounds

It took 38 years for radio to attain a 50 million-strong audience

You’d think that the development of the radio would be significant, yet it took 38 years for the radio to achieve a 50 million-strong audience. The iPod, on the other hand, took only three years to reach the same milestone.

The original camera required a very long exposure time

It took eight hours to expose the first photograph, which was shot in 1826. That camera’s designer. In 1839, Louis Auger was able to substantially reduce that time to only 15 minutes.

original camera

Chips for credit cards have been around for quite some time

Chips are a relatively new craze for many credit cards. Chip technology, on the other hand, has been around since 1986. France was the first to employ it, followed by Germany not long after.

Chips for credit cards

Alexa is constantly monitoring your talks

You’re probably not surprised by this. Siri has been doing it for a long time. Alexa saves your conversation history in the cloud to help you get the most out of your elixir. However, you can review and erase these recordings in bulk or one by one.

Alexa is constantly monitoring your talks

Depending on what they’re reading, they’ll read faster or slower

When you’re on a computer, you not only blink less, but reading from a screen also slows you down. When it comes to the blinking section, people read 10 percent slower on a screen than on paper. Did you know that the average person blinks 20 times every minute in regular life? When they’re in front of a computer, though, that number reduces to seven times every minute.

Free GPS

Even while GPS is free to use worldwide, it costs around $2 million each day to run. This money comes from tax income in the United States.

Mac computers were named after the Apple

It’s no surprise that Macintosh is identical to Apple’s McIntosh model. To avoid confusion with a company called Macintosh Laboratory, the name was misspelled on purpose.

The first computer mouse was constructed of wood rather than plastic

Doug Engelbart developed the first computer mouse in 1964. It was made of wood back then. It was rectangular with a small button on the upper right corner. He dubbed it a mouse because the card that came out of the rear reminded him of small rodents.

The majority of people connect their USB devices incorrectly

86 percent of individuals connect their USB gadgets backwards. That makes me feel a lot better about always getting things wrong.

The original alarm clock could only ring once

Levi Hutchins invented the first mechanical alarm clock in 1787, which could only sound at 4:00 a.m. A wind-up alarm clock that could be set for any time was not invented until 1876.

On November 30th, we commemorate computer security

It was founded in 1988 with the goal of raising awareness about computer security issues. It’s simple and vital to commemorate Computer Security Day. Check your Facebook privacy settings and change your passwords to something more secure. You can also keep up with the newest technology news and ensure the security of your data stored on your phone or on the cloud.

Firefox’s logo isn’t a fox

A frequent misconception is that because the browser’s name is Firefox, the logo must be a fox. The charming furry creature in the emblem is actually a red panda, which is surprising.

The initial Apple logo isn’t exactly what you’d expect

Sir Isaac Newton was originally depicted as seated beneath a tree, an apple about to fall on his head. It was created in 1976 and contained the text ‘Newton a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought alone’. 

Google rents out goats

Instead of shifting their lawn, Google rents goats to munch the grass at that ride. A herder will arrive at the mountain view headquarters with 200 goats herded by Jen, a border collie.

The name robo has a shady history

If you check up the origins of the word robo, it originates from the Czech word robota, which means “forced labor or work.” The term was first used in a drama in 1920 to describe a mythical humanoid.

The first video cassette recorder (VCR) was the size of a piano

Wow! The first video camera recorder was the size of a piano when it was released in 1956, which surprised me.

Apple is 38 years old and one month older than Samsung

Ebiyon Sher launched Samsung as a food store on March 1, 1938. Apple Computer Inc. was founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Well, these are some interesting facts about the technology. For more global facts, visit our website.

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