10 Interesting Facts About Ferrari You Didn’t Know

Facts About Ferrari

Ferrari, a name that has become synonymous with speed and dominance and is recognized with the signature sound of its engines. A dominating red color, a brand name that is worth four billion dollars established in 1939 by the automotive genius Enzo Ferrari. In this post, we will tell you some interesting facts about Ferrari. Be sure to stick around till the end to find out how a world war I pilot created the Ferrari logo.

The company launched its first car in 1940 more than 79 years ago. Ferrari was made with an underlying dream of creating the biggest name on the racetracks all over the world. Enzo Ferrari had a passion for racing at the age of ten and was resolved to pursue it at any costs, which he successfully accomplished at various times. Ferrari earns a net of more than 4 billion dollars in annual automobile sales with an annual output of more than 8,000 cars.

Interesting facts about Ferrari

Unintentional branding

45 percent of all Ferraris sold are red. While the color may be synonymous with Ferrari, it was never an intentional decision. In fact, in the early days of auto racing, the International Automobile Federation designated the color red to all Italian Grand Prix Race Cars. Ferrari had to paint its race cars red because they were made in Italy.

Merchandise is big business

With a market valuation of over 27 billion dollars, Ferrari is a very valuable brand doing 4.2 billion dollars in sales in 2019 alone, although less exciting than their cars. Ferrari’s merchandise line such as clothing and accessories is also a big seller with 1.5 billion dollars in merchandise sales every year.

Ferrari is no longer a family business

Ferrari received a much-needed cash infusion when Enzo Ferrari sold 50 percent of the company to the FIAT group in 1969. In 1988, Enzo Ferrari and his son sold even more of the company, leaving the Ferrari family with only 10% control. Enzo Ferrari’s son Piero Ferrari, who became a billionaire in 2015, owns the remaining portion. It happened when Ferrari went public on the New York stock exchange.

Ferrari theme park

There’s a Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi complete with anF1 roller coaster. It’s mostly an indoor amusement park and holds the world’s fastest roller coaster “The Formula Rossa”. The theme park won the award “Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction” four years in a row from 2015 to 2019.

You can customize any element of a Ferrari

With Ferrari’s tailor-made program, it allows consumers to personalize every component of their vehicle. You can select your own personalized colors, interior, trims accessories, and finishes. However, it may take up to two years for it to be made.

Enzo Ferrari was a veteran of the war who was nearly killed by the flu

During World War I, the visionary automobile designer earned his stripes. He lived to see the end of the war, but he was nearly killed by the devastating virus pandemic known as the Spanish Flu. His brother and father, however, died as a result of the epidemic.

The launching of the first Ferrari was delayed due to World War II

Enzo Ferrari was ambitious from a young age. He had always wished to establish his own business. He finally acquired the funds and confidence to manufacture his own automobiles in 1939. Ferrari has built a car model; however, its maiden introduction was halted due to the onset of World War II.

Only two of the first Ferrari models was ever made

Even after Ferrari got the ball rolling and had designed the first official model, the company didn’t start mass-producing the cars. Rather, producing just two. They also weren’t named either or even considered Ferraris but simply the auto Avio Costruzioni 815.

Enzo Ferrari was not a keen traveler

Despite his profession as a car designer, Enzo was notoriously claustrophobic and disliked flying and riding on elevators. He rarely, if ever, left his house in Modena and Marinello, where he worked at an office.

The origins of the Ferrari logo

In 1923, Enzo Ferrari visited the parents of Francesco Baraka, the famous World War I aviator. Ferrari was proposed by Baraka’s parents to use their son’s prancing horse insignia, which had been painted on the sides of his planes. Years later, Enzo’s racing team agreed to let him use the emblem on his race car, and the symbol became popular. Later, in honor of Enzo’s hometown of Medina, Italy, a yellow shield was added to the design.

So, these were interesting facts about Ferrari. For more global facts, visit our website.

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