10 facts about subconscious mind everyone should know

The ultimate power of the human brain is divided into two parts; conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is what you really are. It’s the manual part of the brain while your subconscious mind is the autopilot which controls ninety percent of your brain without your permission. After reading this post, you’ll understand how powerful and extraordinary things your brain does while you’re not aware of it. So now let’s get into 10 facts about the subconscious mind everyone should know.

Facts About subconscious mind

It secretly knows everything

Your conscious mind isn’t powerful enough to remember and do everything at the same time. However, your subconscious mind knows what it captured before. This means if you ever watched someone cook delicious pasta, your subconscious mind actually remembers the ingredients and the whole method while your conscious mind isn’t aware of that. So, when you come up with the thought of making pasta, your subconscious mind releases some part of the recipe

A child is living mostly in a subconscious state

Between the ages of two to seven, children often store the data they can possibly get from their environment and the people. Their subconscious mind craves to use all of the sixth sense to capture as much information as possible to keep learning about the world. So make sure to teach them the right thing.

It protects you

Ever realized how your eye quickly closes itself when it senses something is coming closer to it or how your hand reacts when you need to itch your body? Actually, you’re not the one doing it consciously. Your subconscious part of your brain notices you need quick action. So, the active part of your brain is always ready to protect your body.

It's awake

Your subconscious mind works 24 7 without taking any rest even when you sleep. It keeps remembering particular thoughts and actions and sometimes this imagination come into your dreams.

Helps you make decisions

Did you ever felt stressed about a problem all night and after you sleep, with a sudden boom you wake up with the answer roaming around your head? This is because your subconscious mind keeps thinking about it all night, searching your whole library of thoughts and actions for a possible solution.

It's a huge library

Your subconscious mind controls ninety percent of your brain and as discussed earlier, it secretly remembers everything you see, feel and think. It’s a huge library that holds every bit of the data and sends them when you consciously think about a particular subject. Your memories of the past are still inside your brain.

It controls your affections

Your affections are controlled by anything that was captured. If you say to a kid that ghosts are some kind of strange creatures that are foolish. That kid might not remember what you said but his subconscious mind will be aware that ghosts are scary but foolish. So, when the kid grows up there’s a huge possibility that he/she not getting afraid of ghost stories or movies even if he hears that what you said earlier was a lie. This means what your subconscious mind captures affect you. So positive affirmations are good, practice to stay happy and confident.

It believes everything

It believes what’s right as well as what’s untrue. Your subconscious mind doesn’t care about logic which means it believed what it learned and felt. For example, if a kid grows up learning that ghosts are real and when you forcibly try to make him believe that ghosts are nothing but a myth., that guy’s subconscious mind will ignore that because it believes what is already stored and doesn’t care if it’s real or not. That’s why we usually face difficulties while developing a new habit or belief.

It’s easy to fool it

So, it’s easy to fool it. You can easily fool your subconscious mind without any effort. It doesn’t understand what’s real or fake nor does it understands what’s past or present. It can’t make comparisons. So, if you can make your subconscious mind believe that you’re a happy guy it’ll accept that. Certainly, it’s a great trick when you’re frustrated.

The power of visualization

This one is an interesting part. As discussed, your subconscious mind doesn’t compare what’s real or fake. This means when you reach a level of meditation, you can visualize your attracting positive energy. Your subconscious mind won’t think about it much but will accept your imagination as real. In the university of Chicago, some students were told to practice free throws every day, while another group was told to visualize practicing it. After a few weeks, the doctor tested them again. The first group improved their free throws by 24 percent and on the other hand the second group which only practiced free throws by visualizing improved by 23 percent. It’s close, right! So it’s been proven that you can trick your brain to improve skills without even practicing them.

The bottom line

The subconscious mind is a deep and powerful part of the brain. Certainly, if you manage to fully control it which most people can’t reach, there will be no future no past nothing real nor fake. Everything will be what you imagine it to be true and it’s the secret. Many entrepreneurs and athletes use to stay motivated and active.

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